I got asked alot of questions like: How to remove shortcut virus.

To get this cleared up once and for all I have created an guide below on how to remove shortcut virus in a few simple steps.

So first of all, the shortcut virus is a virus which spreads itself through USB, Phones, etc.. basically anything that you can plug into your PC could be a carrier of the virus.

The steps below are REALLY simple and will make sure you remove the virus completely.
From every guide I have read about this virus, there is currently no guide out there which COMPLETELY removes the virus. There's always a small file which could get through and infect you later on again.

Our guide is packed with some more goodies.

--->   Download our guide here   <---

What you will get from us:

-An comprehensive guide on how to remove shortcut virus.
-A program which will notify you as soon as a download contains the shortcut virus.
-A program which scans your computer for any other file which is linked to the virus.
-A really small security program which will check everything you plug in to your PC for any infected files.

How could I open this?

You don't have to open this by clicking with your mouse on it.
You can do a quick search for ShortcutRemovalGuide.rar and open it by using the ENTER button.
Then move over to do the guide, open it up and follow the steps.